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I agree to the rules and conditions above and my entry complies with these rules. I indemnify the volunteer organizers against any claim or loss which may appear to arise from any non-compliance with copyright laws. I give permission to Foothill Folk Club to record and publish my song and any photos and/or video of my performance for promotional purposes and understand the copyright remains with me. The song has not been previously published in any form or been awarded a prize in any other songwriting competition at the time of application. 


1. Entry is by MP3. Please include a typed lyric sheet and an entry fee of $20 made payable through Paypal. Entries and payment must be made by the closing date of May 10, 2019. 


2. The song must not be previously published/released on a CD or in any form. (The competition promotes the creation of new songs.) 


3. Only one entry per person. 


4. Open to all residents of Alberta. 


5. If selected, the song must be performed at the live finals on May 18th, 2019 in High River, AB. Each performer will only be allowed four (4) inputs on stage. The performer can choose how these inputs are utilized. ie. vocal mics, instrument mics, DI boxes. Simple presentation is specified as it is the song being judged not the production or performance. No drum kits allowed. The song can be performed by someone other than the songwriter. 


6. Judges will consider lyrics, melody, audience appeal, sing-ability, message, creativity, and emotional qualities in addition to compliance with rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification. The judge's decisions are final and not open to appeal. Entry implies acceptance of these conditions. 


7. Entries will be destroyed after the competition and not returned. 


8. Foothills Folk Club reserves the right not to award a winner in any category. 



- Fill out Entry Form

- Upload MP3 Audio File 

- Upload Lyric Sheet (typed) 

- Pay Entry Fee - $20 


For more information please contact:

April at


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